Are people not completing your surveys?

Are people not completing your surveys?

1. Explain the purpose of the survey
Whether you share your survey via e-mail or on a social media platform, explain the purpose of the survey. How do the inputs from them help you? For example, if it is a customer satisfaction survey, explain how their comments will enhance future customer interactions. Explain how the data collected will be processed, who will have access to it, and how the data will be stored and/or disposed of following the completion of the study.

2. Make a more positive first impression.
Individuals completing the survey drop gradually from the first to the last question. What is even more important are the first questions which lead to the most drops. Once people are further down the line, they are more likely to move on to the next question. Make sure the first questions are simple and ask the tough questions at the bottom of the survey.

3. How long does it take to complete the survey?
Your audience is unlikely to click on the survey if they are unsure how much time it takes. Be explicit about how long the survey will take and be realistic. By underestimating the length of the survey, respondents will feel duped as they will realize that the survey takes more time than indicated.  If your survey is longer than 5 minutes, shorten it or don’t tell the audience.

4. Make it easier to complete the survey.
People are more likely to drop the survey if they have to answer long text questions.  Keep your questions simple and closed. People are more likely to respond to questions like yes/no, notes and opinion blocks.

5. What’s in it for them?
We’re all busy these days. Therefore, a powerful way to raise survey response rates is to thank respondents for their time by offering a reward for completing the survey. Whether it is a small voucher or a gift card If they are included, they are a key factor for increasing response rates and obtaining adequate responses. Ensure your reward offer is placed at the start of the email invitation and stands out.

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