The need for storytelling

The need for storytelling

Step out, query a search engine, pick up a newspaper, go to a news website, open a TV channel, or a YouTube channel, or your favorite social medium, you are greeted with a barrage of advertising. Whether it is direct, as in stating as an ad, or indirect, as in an advertorial, a promotion, a product or service review, we are exposed to a ton of brands fighting for our attention all the time.

Are you a researcher?

Do you use tools like Tableau, Power BI, SAS and the likes to present your research findings?

It’s time you took a fresh look at the reports and the Dashboards you present to your audience.

The need for storytelling

Consider storytelling as a way to augment what you already are good at.
In a series of posts we will uncover the art and science that is storytelling in ways that will empower you to become a better researcher, one people love to listen to.
In this post we will dig into the ‘why’ part first.

Why should you consider Storytelling to present your research findings?

Historically, humanity relied on stories as a medium to pass knowledge, culture, and traditions.

Stories have allowed people in communities to come together around a fireplace and find a time to connect with each other. Elders would tell stories that the younger would love to hear. A message wrapped in the story would get accepted better than mere preaching 🎯.

Cheerful people sitting at fire, telling stories, having fun.

You may ask, what’s wrong with my current approach? Why not dashboards on my evolved BI tools?

Yes, they are good. They drive your point with data and visualizations that that is impossible to dismiss. But then, right there lies a problem. They are not natural to the human way of connecting with a narrative. Instead of stories, we have trained ourselves to think and act like machines in their language.

Stories help you counter the possibility of getting your message mutated. In a world full of memes ever wondered how stories from across cultures survived through thousands of years? They existed long before writing existed, and survived merely on orally being passed from one generation to another.

When you present your findings, you are not looking to convince someone. You shouldn’t. Rather, you help them learn the new knowledge. Use it in their decision making. And learning from dashboard is not natural to us.

Now, it’s easier said than done.

We understand this.

And we want to help!

In the coming weeks, we will be writing on this subject.

On helping you connect with people, as they are – people.

And help you weave stories around your findings, and narrate them in a compelling way.

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